Dante’s Inferno – Download for PPSSPP Android

Download the game Dante’s Inferno for the PPSSPP Android emulator. The game was adapted and optimized to be played directly on a cell phone. Play one of the most notable franchises on the PSP console on your smartphone, tablet or devices running the Android system. Link to download the file and emulator are available below. See also the guide on how to download and install Dante’s Inferno on the emulator.

PPSSPP is an emulator available for Android devices that allows users to emulate a game from one of the consoles that was a landmark generation, but has been discontinued, the PlayStation Portable, better known as PSP. With this application available for free on the Play Store, you will transform your cell phone into a portable console. Replay the main classics.

Game Synopsis:

Dante’s Inferno is an action-adventure game. In the game, the player controls Dante, the protagonist of the series, and engages in bloody boss fights. You must also solve puzzles throughout the game. Dante’s weapon is Death’s scythe, which can be used in a series of combo attacks and finishing moves. His secondary weapon is a Santa Cruz that fires a blast of energy as a projectile attack.

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Additionally, Dante can utilize various magic-based attacks and abilities channeled from a mana pool to aid in combat. Many of them are obtained as the game progresses.

Game Images:

How to install Dante’s Inferno no PPSSPP Android?

Guide on how to download and install the Dante’s Inferno game file and import it into the PPSSPP Android emulator. See the step by step below:

  1. Download the CSO.
  2. Open the PPSSPP Android emulator.
  3. Go to the newly downloaded CSO folder.
  4. Load the game.
  5. Pronto.

Use the ZArchiver application to open compressed files, which is lightweight, free and easy to use. To go down ZArchiver for free on the Play Store.

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Links para download and useful information:

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