Kill It With Fire 2 will have a campaign with co-op and multiplayer PvP

Kill It With Fire 2

The first person spider hunter game, Kill It With Fire 2will feature a four-player cooperative campaign and the “Spider Hunt” PvP multiplayer mode, according to an announcement from publisher tinyBuild and developer Casey Donnellan Games.

Kill It With Fire 2 is an interdimensional action comedy game about killing spiders. With fire, yes, but also with frying pans, remotely controlled tanks, laser weapons – you get the idea. As The Terminator, you will travel across the multiverse, utilizing the latest advances in cutting-edge sci-fi technology to hunt down the arachnid menace once and for all.

Kill It With Fire 2 will launch in early access for PC via Steam in 2023, followed by a full release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2024.

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