Naughty Dog: mass layoffs on The Last of US team, Sony asked for secrecy, says Kotaku

There are still no official communications because it seems that the matter needs to be followed up, but according to some internal sources contacted by the Kotaku website it seems that the Naughty Dog has also been hit by several employee layoffsparticularly with regard to contracted promoters.

According to sources who remained anonymous, it appears that at least 25 people are involved in this sad news, which would be part of a team reduction operation.

Kotaku also reports that people affected by the layoffs will not receive compensation and Sony has requested that affected and unaffected team members not make this matter public. Sony doesn’t want people to know it’s firing developers. The contracts, in any case, will only be terminated at the end of October, so the communication arrived a few weeks early.

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Even a hugely successful team like Naughty Dog, author of series like The Last of Us and Uncharted, seems not to be safe from the major crisis affecting the industry and which is leading to numerous layoffs around the world. This news comes in addition to the crisis in games as a service and the departure of Jim Ryan.

The PlayStation Studios team has completed work on The Last of Us: Part I, the remake of the first chapter in the series, and is working on the multiplayer game based on it, which is identified as Factions, but does not yet have an official version. However, it appears that the project has encountered some issues and is taking longer than expected, also based on what Bloomberg reported that had reported a reduction in the game’s size/scope.

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