Naughty Dog suffers layoffs and The Last of Us multiplayer project may be canceled

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog has reportedly suffered a series of layoffs, which would have led to an uncertain fate for the troubled multiplayer spin-off of The Last of Us.

Sony’s studio, which houses around 400 employees, is laying off at least 25 developers, the website said. My city (via IGN). Most of those affected are quality assurance service providers. According to Kotaku, full-time employees will not be affected.

Naughty Dog will not offer severance pay to laid-off employees and they must work until the end of October. According to the website, the Naughty Dog team “is being pressured to keep the news confidential.”

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O spin-off multiplayer de The Last of Us would be, according to Kotaku, “basically on ice” (“walking on eggshells”, so to speak), although it is not “completely cancelled”. This follows May’s report from Bloomberg, which stated that the “quality and long-term viability” of the multiplayer game The Last of Us was questioned and, as a result, a “small group remains on the project while the company reassesses direction.”