Project Wingman: Frontline 59 is available for PS5 and PS VR2; trailer and details

Project Wingman: Frontline 59

The text below was published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog.

In the skies of Project Wingman, players become pilots of advanced war jets, pioneering missions over the seas and soil of a war-torn Earth in an alternate timeline known as After Calamity.

Today, PlayStation players can enjoy Project Wingman’s sensational aerial combat from a never-before-seen perspective in Frontline 59, an enhanced version of the original game from our team of independent developers, enhanced with new missions and PlayStation VR2 features that immerse you in action.

Project Wingman has always been one of those titles ideal for playing in virtual reality, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to realize that potential on PS VR2. Our goal with Wingman has always been to make people feel like incredible, cutting-edge aviation aces, and VR2’s features really help take that idea to the next level, whether it’s using eye movement detection technology to help aim at targets on the chaotic battlefield, or feel the adrenaline of fast passes against pilots who want to see you on the ground.

Mission report

Set during Project Wingman’s main conflict, Frontline 59’s six new missions have the Pacific Federation under attack by a Cascadia invasion force, which wants to weaken the Federation for generations. As a reserve pilot for the local Federation contingent, it’s up to you and the rest of your unexpected companions to resist the enemy and ensure the safety of the Federation once again.

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These new missions range from interception raids to counterattacks, and even include some adrenaline-pumping surprises. Check out a summary of what’s to come in Frontline 59’s exclusive combats.

  • Mission 1 – Take off to stop out-of-control mercenary pilots from attacking retreating Allied forces.
  • Mission 2 – Provide air support to naval coastal defenses while enemy marines disembark.
  • Mission 3 – Finish off the enemy by clearing the way for incoming heavy artillery.
  • Mission 4 – Using an unexpected flight plan, surprise enemy headquarters and destroy them when they least expect it.
  • Mission 5 – Stop the enemy invasion at the root of the problem and send them back to where they came from.
  • Mission 6 – Battle above the Arctic Circle in an intense chase to try and stop the insanity from throwing the world into chaos.
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While PlayStation 5 players can enjoy Frontline 59 with or without VR, we designed these missions with virtual reality in mind, and we think PS VR2 players will really enjoy them. If you go into battle with your PS VR2 as a flight helmet, you’ll feel the adrenaline of combat for the entire gaming experience.

Two of the coolest things that help make it feel like you’re actually flying a super-advanced fighter: You can track targets with full 360-degree awareness, highlighting them with PS VR2’s eye movement detection technology. You can also turn your face to get a feel for the battlefield, making sure you see what you want when you want, from any angle.

You’ll also feel the rumble of combat through headset vibrations as you fly across battlefields; Every time you approach combat or pass an enemy at supersonic speed, you’ll feel the action in your bones. You’ll also feel and hear the aircraft around you as you soar through the clouds or break through speed barriers with spatial audio.

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We hope you check out Frontline 59! Bringing our game to life in virtual reality has been an incredible, challenging and very satisfying experience, and we are excited to finally be able to share this experience with Project Wingman veterans and new recruits to the PlayStation community.

Project Wingman: Frontline 59 arrives today for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2.